9 must-have items when starting your fitness journey

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, you’re likely going to need a few things that will either make your lives easier or help guide you along the way. 1. Straps: It’ll help you get those gains long after your grip goes. 2. Occlusion straps: Low-impact hypertrophy training tool. 3. Kitchen scales: First…

girl lifting weights

4 ways to enjoy the journey

For such a long time, I’ve kept my mouth shut… …about my fitness journey, the struggles of loving food but having to diet, what its like to find (and occasionally lose) balance, lose those toxic friends, learn exercise execution, recomp my body, build muscle, prep for a photoshoot, train, meal prep, and push my willpower…

Quintessential quarantine

Imagine if every-day-is-ground-hog-day and you’re-back-to-being-a-teenager-locked-in-your-room-again. That’s what life is like these days. A lot of people are struggling with that and probably for the first time, a lot of introverts are at the happiest they’ve ever been. Hi, hello, my name is Robyn and I’ve personally been preparing for this my entire life. Not being…

New normal, new blog

We’re living in a strange new world and I figured I’d just make it all that much stranger with a foray (back) into the blogging world. I say ‘back’ but not really since I only had 5 posts when I owned a blog in the past and definitely didn’t classify myself as a blogger. Anyway,…

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