Cinnamon Club

If you grew up in a household accustomed to Indian cuisine, this is not the place for you. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic restaurant for a lovely meal but some would say that whilst Cinnamon Club specialises in imaginative, contemporary, luxurious Indian fine dining, it’s just not ‘real Indian food’….

5 tips for keeping yourself accountable

If you’re new into fitness or restarting your journey to health, here’s 5 tips to help keep yourself accountable: 1. Have a plan: Remember the phrase, ‘fail to plan and plan to fail’? Well, that’s never been more accurate. If you want to get going – you need to know where you’re going. Even if…

10 must-have items when starting your fitness journey

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, you’re likely going to need a few things that will either make your lives easier or help guide you along the way. Here’s my must-have items. 1. Straps: It’ll help you get those gains long after your grip goes. 2. Occlusion straps: Low-impact hypertrophy training tool.…

girl lifting weights

4 ways to enjoy the journey

For such a long time, I’ve kept my mouth shut… …about my fitness journey, the struggles of loving food but having to diet, what its like to find (and occasionally lose) balance, lose those toxic friends, learn exercise execution, recomp my body, build muscle, prep for a photoshoot, train, meal prep, and push my willpower…


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