Quintessential quarantine

Posted: May 30, 2020 by robynurworld

Imagine if every-day-is-ground-hog-day and you’re-back-to-being-a-teenager-locked-in-your-room-again. That’s what life is like these days.

A lot of people are struggling with that and probably for the first time, a lot of introverts are at the happiest they’ve ever been.

Hi, hello, my name is Robyn and I’ve personally been preparing for this my entire life. Not being able to leave the flat and/or socialise? I got this. Thanks, Mom!

For some (*cough me cough*), it’s bringing us back to basics. Spending quality time with or Zoom-ing our loved ones, reading more than ever, journalling, running, netflixing, and doing movie marathons and housework like a pro. It might mean stepping out of our comfort zones; truly appreciating a dose of fresh air, learning something new, and so much more that we probably took for granted.

For others, it’s a nightmare. A never-ending nightmare of isolation and boredom. Having to feed yourself, spend time with kids whilst trying to work, maybe not being able to work, being a people person and not being able to see friends. People can’t fill their social calendars and don’t like spending time by themselves or there’s too many people in the house and they can’t get any time for themselves.

Regardless of whatever side you fall on, you might have even found yourself needing a boost entertainment that’s not Netflix or Disney+ and next thing you know, bam. The flat now permeates with that delicious, ooowy gooey warm banana bread smell (mmm), or worse, doing a puzzle that is going to be in your living room floor for the next two months.

Anyway, join me as I embark on – sadly or proudly – accomplishing some of the basic and now quintessential quarantine trends.

I’m talking: Banana bread, sourdough, running (okay, not really), netflix marathons, jigsaw puzzles, and dalgona coffee (read: that one is not for East London or Wynwood hipsters).

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