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4 ways to enjoy the journey

Posted: September 24, 2020 by robynurworld

For such a long time, I’ve kept my mouth shut…

…about my fitness journey, the struggles of loving food but having to diet, what its like to find (and occasionally lose) balance, lose those toxic friends, learn exercise execution, recomp my body, build muscle, prep for a photoshoot, train, meal prep, and push my willpower to the limit.

Crazy considering it’s always been a big part of my adult life.

This was my first ever fitness photoshoot (3 years ago already?!) where I low-key challenged myself to something new and outside of my comfort zone.

I didn’t post or talk about it social media. Why?

Well I’d like to thank my over analytical, perfectionism brain for that. But mostly they are excuses.

It was all because I felt I wasn’t ready, didn’t have the right look, the right depth of knowledge, the right level of dedication.

And then I became embarrassed.

Eff that, I’m still a work in progress and somewhere along the way, I’ve learned that the journey is just as important as the destination. Not just in fitness but in all aspects of life.

Today I’d like to share a few things I’m constantly trying to remind myself:

1. Surrender yourself to the moment

Life can get kinda busy with routines, responsibilities and obligations galore. Slow down every once in a while just to relax. By doing so, you’ll be living in the moment instead of worrying what happened in the past or what will happen in the future.

The next time you start panicking over all the things you have on your plate or nitpicking at your body – just focus on the task at hand or take a step back to realise your body is amazing. One step at a time.

You’ll be happier and will probably do a much better job in achieving your goals.


2. Adjust your mindset

The journey to success might be long and in most cases, non-linear but you’ll learn SO much more along the way than if you were to receive the reward straightaway.

You see, on a journey, you learn, experience growth and improvement and over time all the little decisions you made end up shaping who you are and developing your personality. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is that booty. Put the reps in, and you’ll get there.

Memories along the way, like the photo above, are just the added bonus. Try to adjust your mindset from an early age to have a more positive outlook about the journey rather than the destination. You’ll be surprised how much happier you’ll be.


3. Find balance

Now this doesn’t mean that you should stop setting goals or that you should swap work ethic for leisure. Truth is, you can have big goals but recognise and accept that there will be diversions along the way.

Don’t get frustrated or let them close you off from wandering down other paths, even if it leads nowhere. You can always reset and come back to the path that feels right.

Balance has been a hard one for me and I’ve found that it takes practice and time. Sometimes I fall but then I get myself back up again.


4. Open up and share

We’re all on our own journeys. Opening up about yours and recognising that sharing it with the world isn’t narcissistic but that talking about it can help someone else who’s a few steps behind you.

Personally, this was a difficult one for me to grasp – because who am I and what do I know – but you know what? I have learned quite a few things and I am 100% sure someone can benefit; saving themselves some of the grief and time I went through trying to figure it out. Remember what I said about mindset earlier?

So I guess this is a warning that I might be opening up a bit more on here – for various reasons on various things – but mostly to quit overthinking, analysizing and waiting for things to be perfect.

If you’re not ready for that, peace out. ✌ For everyone else, enjoy the journey.


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